“What Can I Do To Make This Better?”

I am always excited I hear theses words from my patients.  It tells me they want to be more involved in their own health care. We are moving away from the old model of the doctor “fixing” the patient towards a more interactive model where we act as partners in helping you improve your health.  You have all had the experience of being an active participant in a session with me as we get information from your body using MRT (muscle response testing).  This helps me determine where there is any failure or breakdown in normal signaling between the brain and the body.  So what causes that breakdown in the first place?

Let’s use the simple analogy of a circuit breaker.  A circuit breaker is rated by the amperage it will take to switch it off; so a 20 AMP breaker will switch off as soon as the electrical flow though it exceeds 20 AMPS.  This protects whatever is on that circuit from damage if there is a spike in electrical energy.  The neurological circuits that we are dealing with in your body work in roughly the same manner.  Rather than amps of electricity, we are looking at tolerances.  In other words, each of the neurological circuits in your body has a tolerance level which when exceeded, causes a breakdown which can be identified though MRT and corrected.  The body is trying to do basically the same thing as  the circuit breaker: to protect your body.  It is an adaptation to some from of stress.  So what types of stress is our body trying to adapt to?

  1. Physical stress; injury, overuse, overstressing joints and muscles
  2. Pathological stress: infection, autoimmune reactions, cellular damage
  3. Emotional stress: old emotional patterns, life stress, negative thoughts and emotions
  4. Environmental stress: Toxins in food, air and water, poor nutrition, alcohol and drugs, both prescription and “recreational”

Our tolerance levels to these stressors is determined by a combination of genetics and lifestyle choices.  With what we now understand about epigenetics, we have much more control over even our genetics than previously thought. When the human genome was mapped out scientists found that only about 7% of our DNA was coded for specific genes.  Initially the other 93% was called “junk DNA”.  This view has been proven to be very misguided as we now are learing that the 93% is what switches the 7% on and off.  The exciting news is that the choices we make in life has a profound influence on that 93%!  See Bruce Lipton’s book titled “Spontaneous Evolution” for a more in depth discussion of the exciting science of epigegnetics.

You have the ability to greatly increase your tolerance level to all these stressors by the choices you make on a daily basis.  Choices about what you put in your body in the form of food, drugs, water and other substances. (See my blogs on sugar and diet).  Choices about your level of activity from just getting out and walking more to a structured exercise program. (See my blog on exercise).  Choices about what you think and how you feel.  Anthony Robbins says: “The quality of your life equals the quality of your emotions”.  I wholeheartedly agree, and will be discussing this in more depth in a later newsletter.  For now I recommend checking out “EFT” or Emotional Freedom Technique for a simple technique to get more control over your thoughts and emotions.  See the “Tapping Solution ” website for more information.

You have experienced the power of your own innate healing capabilities through the restoration of normal signaling with Neurolink.  Hopefully you also see that you also have the ability to significantly increase your tolerance levels to signaling breakdown.  You can increase the “amperage” of your circuit breakers!